Shuffle Music Tag

I’ve got an interesting tag to share with you today, I recently came across the Shuffle Music Tag thanks to ZombieGoddess Beauty. Even though I wasn’t tagged by Cassie, I fell in love with the tag, so I wanted to do it for myself as it sounded pretty easy! I am a massive fan of music, most of the time you can find me listening to some form of music, be it Spotify or the radio.

If I say so myself, I am pretty addicted! So I just knew this tag was fitting for myself, I haven’t actually updated my Spotify Playlist in a little while, I prefer listening to their own playlists. Like their Top 50 and Hot Hits UK, I love how these playlists are always up to date and you know you’ll be listening to something new each time. Music is definitely a great thing to help me concentrate and relax.

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Work In Progress // Yelling, Remixes and Get A Shoutout Next Week!

Hey Guys

Can you believe! Its been a week since me and my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve released our first podcast. Now I’m excited to say we’ve produced another because we loved it so much!

The theme of this weeks podcast is Spotify! We decided to put together a playlist of some of our favourite songs to show you our music taste. We had great fun deciding what songs to include because as some of you may know we are both big music lovers. So it wasn’t easy to chose five songs to showcase to you.

So without further adieu, here is week two of our podcast series: Work In Progress.

Don’t forget, as we mentioned in the podcast, here is the playlist for you to check out and have a list to!

Thank you again for listening, we do hope you’re enjoying our podcasts! The topic of our next podcast is Guide to Blogging, so if you’re planning on starting your own blog but don’t know how or you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Drop us your questions and tips either in the comments below or you can tweet me your questions here!

Work In Progress // Introductions, Sound & WIN Tickets To Dartmoor Zoo

I have a big announcement to make!

With my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve, we are producing a weekly podcast. We’ve thought about creating a podcast using the equipment at our university for sometime now, but now it has actually happened! We had a lot of fun planning these podcasts and even more fun recording them.

The theme of this weeks podcast is our magazine, Sound. We put it together with our fellow students at university and it’s now all over Plymouth! In this weeks podcast we take you through the process of putting the magazine together, alongside playing some summer tunes, discussing Instagram captions and how you can win a family ticket to Dartmoor Zoo.

So without further adieu, here is week one of our podcast series: Work In Progress.

If you loved what you heard, and wish that you could binge-listen (if that’s a thing) to our podcasts, then have no fear, for a brand new podcast will be coming next Friday 17 June! The topic of our next podcast is set to be Spotify Playlists, so if you’re a big fan of music, particularly a mix of any music from the 70’s, all the way up to current tunes, we’ve got you covered.