Your Beauty Club

I have got some very exciting news to share with you guys today, I was approached by the lovely Charlotte Allister to become an ambassador for Your Beauty Club! I know you are probably thinking what is Your Beauty Club, well it’s the ultimate subscription free, no P&P beauty club in the United Kingdom, bringing you the best deals, samples, competitions and offers from the brands you love!


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Bedtime Beauty Routine

There is that one thing that we all need that makes us less miserable! That would be sleep, I know if I don’t have a good nights sleep, you don’t want to mess with me in the morning. For me, I do find it hard to get to sleep, so there are a couple of things I do to help me wind down and relax for the evening.

At the moment I am pretty stressed with the move, so I thought now would be a great opportunity to share with you my Bedtime Beauty Routine! The easiest way I felt to share with you my routine, would be to go through step by step my evening. Let’s begin with;

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5 Things I Love About The Body Shop

Recently I’ve become addicted to browsing around The Body Shop and looking at all their different products, they have soo much on offer for different people with all kinds of skin conditions. It’s stretched so far that even the partner has fallen in love with their Body Butter and is always smelling of a different fruit!

I thought I would share with you today why exactly I love The Body Shop, so without further ado let’s begin.

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The Bedtime Tag

Bedtime – My favourite time of the day, I love winding down after a long day and getting tucked up into bed. The lovely Charlotte from Charlie’s Wonderland nominated me for the Bedtime Tag. I would love for you to stop by her blog, she is a lovely Beauty and Lifestyle blogger! You won’t be disappointed by her content.

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January Favourites

Can you believe it! January has been and gone, it’s now February! For the New Year, I thought I would introduce a new series, at the end of each month I am going to sum up what I’ve been loving. This may include some beauty items along with places and things I’ve been enjoying over the month.

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Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop

The Body Shop is quickly becoming my favourite shop and not just because of their work against animal testing. Their products are very much value for money, along with purchasing my skin care range from them, I also buy my lotions. There are just so many flavours to choose from, with my current favourite flavour of Body Butter being Mango.

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The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skin Care

Being a twenty-year old student comes with its pros and cons, like many young people I suffer from Blemished Skin. It wasn’t that bad throughout secondary school but once I started going to college it got worse and effected me more. I was constantly trying to find a spot treatment that worked.

I tried different products from a variety of companies but nothing felt like it was actually working. I had kinda given up trying to find a treatment as it just felt like I was wasting money rather than gaining anything. Until one day where I took a trip into The Body Shop. I have been in here before as I love the smell of their products.

I was browsing their Skin Care Range to see what they had on offer, they seem to have products to cover different skin types from Sensitive to Blemished Skin. I wasn’t quiet sure what my skin would be known as, I do suffer from Sensitive Skin so I need to be careful what types of products I use.

I was approached by a friendly shop assistant who of course asked me if I needed any help. I must have looked a bit lost so I thought why not ask her what she would recommend. She recommended the Tea Tree range as it’s suitable for Blemished Skin. The range harnesses the cleansing power of natural Tea Tree from the foothills of Mount Kenya.

She recommended using Clearing Foaming Cleanser first as it removes oil and dirt from the face. It also helps to prevent skin conditions like acne. Next a Toner as it reduces oiliness and improves the condition of your skin. Lastly a Mattifying Lotion, as the lotion acts as a moisturizer.

The Body Shop

I have now been using this routine daily for the past month and I am happy to say I can see a difference. Which is a good thing as I haven’t seen this type of improvement from a spot treatment in forever. My skin isn’t so rough anymore and the redness is slowly improving, I can see if I continue using this treatment, my skin will improve more.

The prices for this range I believe are quiet reasonable, there is only one product that is over £10 which is the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution at £12. The Cleanser is £5.50 per 150ml, with the Toner £5.50 per 250ml and the Lotion £9 per 50ml. These products are not something I believe you will need to buy every month.

I have currently used half of the contents for all three products. Seeing it like this you can plan out how long each product will last you. I can see them lasting me another month maybe a month and a half, which for the price I am happy with. With this you can plan out when you’ll buy your next lot, especially if they are on a deal.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Tell me in the comments if you’ve come across any spot treatments that work for you as everyone is different. Currently The Body Shop have a Buy 1 Get Another for Half Price across their Skin Care range. So if you’re thinking about picking some up head over to your local Body Shop before the offer ends. Or if you prefer you can shop the range online HERE.