What’s in my handbag // Winter Edition

It’s been over one year since I shared what’s in my backpack so I thought now would be a good time to share again what’s in my handbag but a Winter edition. I’m sure you’ll notice one change, I’m talking about a handbag and not a backpack anymore! I’m actually quite impressed with myself how long I kept the backpack for. That’s probably why it was looking a bit sorry for itself.

This handbag is pretty big! I carry so much around with me, you’ll notice that from this post. A big handbag is a must for me! I cannot have anything smaller unless I’m going out for the evening, I only own one small handbag but it can still fit my purse, notebook and all my essential items. I am a nosy one, I love looking into people’s bags and I hope you like this post too.

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