Firedance: The New Fragrance from Ruth Mastenbroek

I am a massive sucker for perfumes, whenever I’m out and about, they’ll be some kind of fruity smell around me. I can never leave the house without having some kind of perfume on me, so when Nic Mastenbroek approached me asking if I would love to try Firedance I jumped at the chance! Firedance is the fourth perfume created by Ruth Mastenbroek, mother of Nic and a niche perfumer from England.

Her love for perfume began when she worked in the fragrance department at Selfridges, she has now been composing perfumes for 40years. Each of her creations she seeks perfection, her perfumes are all masterpieces, with them taking 2-3 years to craft. Through her perfumes, she wants to tell stories about life, stories of freedom, love, discovery and celebration.

Ruth Mastenbroek

This is where Firedance comes in, Firedance has been created to capture the buzz of big celebrations but also those small moments of contentment in life. To make you appreciate what you have in life, no matter how big nor small. I’m normally quite fussy when it comes to perfumes, I don’t like anything too overpowering, I like it to be quite fruity and it just has to smell nice really.

When I tried Firedance for the first time I was in love, I’m not all that great at trying to describe a scent, but let’s have a try. I’ve never tried a Rose perfume before, Firedance is labelled as a modern interpretation of this classic. What differentiates this scent from the classic, is the added smell of Leather, now I’m not normally a big Leather scent fan but the Leather combined with the Rose actually makes for a good scent.

You can smell so much more with this perfume, added to the Rose and Leather there is Apple, Lemon and Cashmere. It seems a weird combination but it actually works! Normally I have to use a lot of perfume to actually have the scent long lasting but with Firedance just one spray and it lasted be a good couple of hours. It kept its strength for a good time as well, I was still smelling it myself after a good couple of hours.


This is something I look out for when deciding if I should continue buying a perfume. Firedance is the first perfume I have tried from Ruth and I’m definitely thinking I should try the other three in her range. I am very much pleased with the quality of the perfume and the scent is definitely to die for! Firedance was launched at the beginning of this month, so it is still a very new perfume from Ruth.

You can only currently purchase the 50ml and 100ml in the London branch of Fenwick as well as the online store. From October the perfume will be made available from the rest of their stockists, to find out your nearest store, head over to their website here. For updates from Ruth, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, I would love if you could share the love to Ruth as she’s very talented in what she does.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I would love to know your thoughts on Firedance, does it sound like something you would pick up? For me, it definitely is a little different from the normal perfumes I try but that shouldn’t stop you.


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*A sample of Firedance was kindly sent to me for free by Ruth Mastenbroek, in return for an honest review after trying the product myself as well as sharing/speaking about the product, images were supplied from Ruth Mastenbroek, credit goes out to for the images for more information please see my About Page.


31 thoughts on “Firedance: The New Fragrance from Ruth Mastenbroek

  1. This sounds like a lovely new fragrance to try out! Like you, I would normally have stayed clear of a rose scented perfume, however you have persuaded me to at least give it a try! Great review xx

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  2. They sound amazing! I love it when people are passionate about what they do, it makes their products so much better because of all the work that goes into them. I bet these perfumes smell incredible! And are of great quality.

    Julia xx

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  3. Rose scent isn’t one I normally enjoy so I’m not sure that this would be a scent for me! Great review though x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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    1. Ahh! I thought I was the only one! I seem to have like three perfumes on the go, thank youu for your kind words. This was the first time describing a fragrance so I’m really glad I did a good job!


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