Do you hate your unwanted hair? Want an easier removal tool without spending hours? Well, I think I have found something! The HOLLYWOOD BROWZER is the perfect beauty tool to get rid of unwanted hair. I’ve been struggling recently with unwanted hair on my upper lip and chin, I am not a massive fan of shaving and with my acne, I struggle to successfully get rid of my hair.

So I’ve been looking for something to help remove my hair, this is where I came across HOLLYWOOD BROWZER. I’ve been using the tool for just under two weeks now and I can say that I am in love with it! I didn’t think I could find a tool that could easily remove my hair. It’s just soo quick to use, of course, once you have worked out how to correctly use it.


I did have to go over the same spot a couple of times to remove all the hair but it was miles easier than shaving. I love how universal the tool is, you can use it pretty much anywhere. So far I’ve been able to use it on my upper lip, chin and eyebrows, my eyebrows look a bit more respectful now! I had this area just above my eyebrows and shaving never took it away but with this tool, it just disappeared.

I have been so pleased with the results and I’ll definitely continue to use the tool. The tool wouldn’t be able to shave your armpits or legs, it’s a bit small for that and I don’t think it would be as effective. It’s definitely designed for a smaller area as well as being a ‘keeping in order’ tool. If hairs are starting to come back, you can use this to quickly get rid of them, how wonderful news is that!


I know that brings a smile to my face and hopefully will keep my unwanted hair at bay. For £15 you receive two blades and a protective case, the tool lasts for around 2-3 months meaning one pack will last you hopefully 6 months. Which is considerably less than what I spend on razors every month. You don’t notice how much razors actually cost until you look at it this way, the ones I currently get are £11 for 3 blades.

Their website is very helpful! As there are all kinds of how to videos, as well as showing you the different areas you can use the tool, head over to their website here to check out those videos. They also have a range of before and after selection of photos, to show you just how much the tool works. You can also follow them on Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date and check out their success stories.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I would love to know if you buy the HOLLYWOOD BROWZER yourself as well as your thoughts on the beauty tool. Let me know in the comments.


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*The Hollywood Browzer was kindly sent to me for free by Karen Berman, in return for an honest review as well as sharing/speaking about the product, for more information please see my About Page.


29 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD BROWZER Review

  1. This sounds like a really interesting product and really useful for removing excess hair x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com


  2. Wow it sounds like a great product! I only pluck the hair on my face and it works just fine for me, but this looks like such a helpful tool. Thanks for sharing!
    Julia xx


  3. This sounds very interesting! I’ve an imbalance of hormones and so end up shaving my “beard” every other day and I agree – razors are so expensive! I’m going to maybe ask for this for Christmas!


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