How to support small businesses

Since being a blogger, I have discovered so many small businesses that beforehand I would have never found. Over time the internet has opened up some amazing business opportunities for a lot of people. Now having your own business is something anyone could do and not limited to people with degrees. I am a firm believer in supporting these businesses.

They’ve done something that I could only imagine doing and I love how strong they are. There are some great businesses out there but without people supporting them, they wouldn’t be able to continue. Being supportive is definitely a must with small businesses. Over the course of being a blogger, I have supported some great brands, including Dorkface, The Birdhouse Calligraphy and Juniper Daze Designs.

There are a couple of ways you can support small businesses, please carry on reading to learn the easy ways to support them.

Buy from them

This tip is pretty obvious if you want to support small businesses, actually buy their products! There is no better way than buying from them, instead of going into your local stationery store, why don’t you visit Etsy and search what you’re looking for. There are some great stores on Etsy that you can buy pretty much anything. I love strolling through and seeing what’s on offer. Not only are you buying quality and handmade products, but you’re supporting them.

One great example of this is one of my recent purchases. My younger sister adores Marvel and DC Comics but unfortunately, there aren’t that many female-oriented cards. I searched everywhere on the high street, card and comic book shops, but there was nothing around. I decided to search through Etsy and with a quick search I came across a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy card to celebrate her birthday.

Recommend them to friends and family

Word of mouth and recommending is such an easy but effective way to support small businesses, unfortunately, we don’t all have the funds to support that way but why don’t you recommend a business you’ve come across. If you’ve brought something from them before, you know the type of service and quality you’ll receive. Some people listen to recommendations and they buy everything based on them.


Blog about them

If you’re a blogger like myself, why don’t you blog about them? Blogging is not just about receiving freebies or getting paid for your work. Sometimes it’s nice to support a business from buying their products to writing about them. I have done a couple in the past and these are my favourite posts to write. Showcasing some amazing businesses out there that deserve to be spoken about.

There is a range of different posts you can write, from an introduction post to reviewing products and how about a Q&A with the creator. It’s definitely wise to do something a little different from the norm to introduce your audience to the business. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is producing a gift guide featuring small businesses and keeping within a certain price range.

We don’t all have the biggest budget for celebrations but it’s the thought that counts!

Social media love

Once you’ve brought from a small business or even interested, you should follow them on social media. This is the perfect way to keep up to date with their work and if they have any exclusive giveaways. I love keeping up to date this way, how about sharing and liking their content? You never know who might come across their work by sharing, I know I’ve come across some great businesses this way. It’s the small things in life that make a difference.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Do you have any
small businesses to recommend?


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40 thoughts on “How to support small businesses

  1. These are some great tips. I’ve discovered so many great small businesses since I started following other bloggers, and plab to do some Christmas gift guides featuring some of my favourites.


  2. I love blogging about small businesses and always buying when i can! Nothing better than supporting someone who is 100% passionate about the products they either make or sell x


  3. This is great advice and tips and I love supporting smaller business. I always search for unusual birthday cards designed by Art graduates or people who have a quirky side and sell on Etsy. It’s much more rewarding than these massive chains that are overpriced.


  4. I’m just starting to educate myself on this type of more thoughtful consumerism…it takes more effort and is sometimes more expensive but often very worth it! Thanks for the thoughtful post…and I love Etsy 🙂


  5. I love this! A friend of mine recently started a small business of her own selling headwraps and bags for sanitary towels and I’ve been supporting her any way I can. She’s setting up an IG account at @the_dukake and a portion of her sales will go towards covering another friend’s medical expenses for endometriosis.

    Yvonne Wabai |


  6. I love your ideas for supporting small businesses. I also like to shop local places and buy from the mom and pop businesses too.


  7. This post is awesome! Small business are so under appreciated and they serve so much more recognition! My mum owned her own florist and I know how hard it is to build it up when there are ‘bigger brands’. I think it’s amazing that you’re inspiring people to share the love!💖


  8. Aw, Gemma, this is such a great post and I agree 100% with you about blogging introducing me to more small businesses. I found both Jemma (Dorkface) and Pastel Elixir this way, as well as countless others. Whenever I’ve bought from them I’ve shared on social media and I follow them too. You’re so right about word of mouth and recommendations, they’re like gold dust. Small businesses are to be treasured, thank you for writing such a great range of tips to help with that! xx

    Lisa |


    1. Thank youu Lisa. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed! Yes most definitely, oohh Pastel Elixir sounds good, I’m going to check them out. That’s a great way to support you’re definitely going the extra mile. I’m soo glad you’ve enjoyed this post.


  9. This is a fantastic post Gemma! I love it when bloggers support small businesses and introduce them to the rest of us. Dorkface is awesome, I have the Live Colourfully rainbow pin in my collection and always have my eye on the next colourful treat. I’ve not yet heard of Juniper Daze Designs or The Birdhouse Calligraphy so thank you for sharing. My favourite businesses I have discovered through blogging are: Pastel Elixir, Sugar & Sloth and Katie Abey. I’d love to read your small business gift guide, that’s a great idea, especially with Christmas fast approaching. Fab post lovely ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. Thank-you Bexa! There are some great small businesses out there, love how you’ve come across some new ones, that’s great. Those are some interesting sounding businesses! I’ve heard good things about Pastel Elixir, I need to check them out also those others sound great. That’s great, thank-you! I might just do that.


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