Monthly Goals // March 2019

Goodbye February, Hello March!

I hope February treated you well and that you had a lovely month. Today I am going to be reflecting on the Goals I set myself at the beginning of February. Then creating new Goals for the upcoming month, I love reflecting and creating new Goals each month, there’s something about it that makes me more determined to achieve them.

Creating Goals for each month allows you to be on target while keeping your yearly Goals in mind. Your Goals can be a lot easier to achieve if you think about them monthly. Each of my monthly Goals are created with my bigger Goals in mind, for the hope that one day I would achieve everything. If you don’t create monthly Goals, I would recommend starting now.

I have shared my adventures in my Monthly Favourites // February 2019 here. Before I set myself some new Goals for March, let’s reflect on my February Goals!

Read 1 Book | Done! If you read my February Favourites, I spoke about Daniel Ricciardo in Pursuit of Greatness from Nate Saunders, when I started, I couldn’t put the book down! This was a perfect way to start the 2019 Formula 1 Season.

Walk 5 Miles | I smashed this! I walked just over 10 miles, I’m soo pleased with myself, I need to keep this going and pushing myself. I have challenged myself to walk 1,019 km in 2019, come on.

Drink More Water | Yup! Looking back on the month, I have drunk more water compared with January. I have been able to track my water intake via my Galaxy Watch. I think I still need to drink more! But I’ve definitely improved.

500 Blog Followers | I was so close! I was only able to reach 491, not a bad push for February. Let’s have everything crossed for March.

Plan Spring Content | I have planned out March content but no further than that! I’m in a better place now than I was a couple of weeks ago! I’m unsure over what content I should share. If there’s anything that you want to see on An Ocean Glimmer, please tell me in the comments!

Beat January Views | Unfortunately, I was unable to beat January views, overall for February, I only hit 440… A massive disappointment. Onwards and upwards for March!


Let’s get to my March Goals!

500 Blog Followers | I’m soo close, only nine followers remaining! I’m going to push myself again in March, I’m sure I can do this. If you’re not already following me, please hit that follow button in the sidebar.

Reach 700 Views | February wasn’t the greatest months for views here on An Ocean Glimmer. I’m not sure why as I feel I did exactly the same from January. For March, I’m going to push myself and reach a total of 700 views.

Reach 18k Overall Views | By pushing myself with my views, I really hope that means I reach 18k overall views on An Ocean Glimmer. If I reach this, it would mean I’m in a good position to reach 20k views in 2019.

Walk 10 Miles | I smashed my Goal so much in February that I’m doubling my Goal in March! I want to walk a total of 10 miles, let’s do this.

Read 2 Books | I really need to get knuckled down with reading, my Goodreads 2019 Challenge is 20 books. It’s March and I’ve only read 1! I need to review exactly what books I have yet to read and just read them.

Spend More Time Outside | With the weather getting warmer, I need to take advantage of this! During March, I would love to spend more time outside rather than cooped up inside. I need to find more places to explore.

Thank-you for reading. What is the one thing you would love to
achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!

Also, make sure to follow me on my blog (in the sidebar) and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Love Gemma x

15 thoughts on “Monthly Goals // March 2019

  1. Lovely post Gemma – sounds like overall your month has been pretty good. The months seem to be flying by for me, and I felt I didn’t achieve as much as normal the last month or so. I’m doing well with my Goodreads goal though, I hope you have a good reading month in March. I’m aiming to spend more time outdoors in spring too, which relates to walking and being in the fresh air. Best wishes for your goals! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. These are great goals, especially spending more time outside because it’s so easy to neglect that! My main goal this month is to get decent grades in my mock exams 🙂


  3. Enjoyed reading your goals! It has inspired me to do the same. This month is your month and you will surpass you goals! Looking forward to following you in your blogging journey!


  4. These are really good goals! I love that you have goals related to health and well being as well as your blog. Well done on the number of blog followers girl! I am embarrassed to say I haven’t focused on that much and thus haven’t gotten much followers because of my lack of effort!! I do need to drink more water too. I hope you get to achieve all those goals lovely xx

    Geraldine |


  5. I love your whole attitude towards your goals! There’s something really motivational and inspirational about it! Well done on walking 10 miles. I definitely want to do a lot more walking this month. Good luck with everything for March!


  6. I like that you set these goals. we actually work harder when we have set goals. I need to do something about it. I want to walk too. I have been neglecting my health a lot for the past two months. I loved how balanced your goals are. Health, blog, reading. 🙂

    Via |


  7. I barely ever set myself goals but I really need to! I tend to be someone that just sort of goes with the flow usually. You could easily combine your walking goal and your getting outside more goal, my boyfriend and I go for a long walk nearly every day that we spend together as it’s such a nice activity to do any it means you can just concentrate on talking to each other rather than anything else. Good luck with this month!
    Alice Xx


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