Halloween Surprises with Bomb Cosmetics

This time next week, you’ll have the carved pumpkins outside, a bowl full of sweets and trick or treaters knocking on the door, that’s right I’m talking about Halloween! This is one of my favourite holidays of the year and it just screams Autumn. I’m always intrigued by what brands bring out this time of year, there’s nothing better than getting into the spirit a little early.

Today I am sharing with you the Halloween range from Bomb Cosmetics, as you know I am a massive fan of Bath Bombs. I love how Bomb Cosmetics have brought out a selection of Halloween products, they’re really creative and valve for money, the perfect way to get you in the Halloween spirit. If you love Bath Bombs then this is definitely the post for you!

Jack O Lantern Blaster | Get your spook on with Ginger & Black Pepper essential oils!


I adore anything Pumpkin related, Autumn and Halloween time is perfect for Pumpkins I love Pumpkin patches, Pumpkin carving and even Pumpkin Spice Latte. Meaning this Jack O Lantern Blaster is perfect, this was the first one I tried from the Halloween range. It turned the water an amazing orange colour and smelt amazing, the Ginger definitely lifted the mood.

Monster Mash Blaster | Let the Peppermint and Lime essential oils lift your spirits and revive your soul!


Out for the Count Blaster | Get your spook on!


Sugar Skull Mallow | We invite you to a carnival like no other!


I adore this Sugar Skull Mallow, I have never used a Mallow before so I didn’t know how to use. I did use it like a Bath Blaster but unfortunately, it took forever to disappear as actually, this isn’t how to use it. Instead, you have to settle it in the water and allow it to slowly melt. The scent of Creamy Cocoa and Shea Butter was perfect! I loved it. These scents are known for their ability to moisturise as it slowly melts.

Strange Fruit Bath Mallow | We have fragranced this Mallow with Nectarine and Cliantro, strange fruit indeed!


Overall all of these products are amazing and will definitely provide the relaxing bath you require after a long day. What I love about Bomb Cosmetics is the variety of products and how they match to the seasons. I have used quite a lot of Bath Bombs in the past year and I would say these are at the top of my favourites. For £2.99 they are definitely perfect value for money and leaves you feeling refreshed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite
product currently from Bomb Cosmetics?


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22 thoughts on “Halloween Surprises with Bomb Cosmetics

  1. Loved this post! And I love bomb too x

    My new one is here ✨🍂🧡


  2. I love this. Bath bombs are probably my favourite way to relax but my new flat has a smaller bath than my last so it’s not quite the same anymore. These all look fantastic though.

    Kate x


  3. I love these Gemma, so cute! Having a bath is one of my favourite ways to de-stress and these bath bombs look fantastic. I love the Sugar Skull, the Creamy Cocoa and Shea Butter sounds amaaaazing! I imagine these are so good for the skin as well as being super relaxing too. Thanks for sharing lovely, such a nice selection and all really affordable too! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  4. I’m normally one of those people to hop the shower, as I’m pretty much always in a rush but it is important to take the time out to have a lovely bath once in a while! I love these reviews – I’ve heard of Bomb Cosmetics many a time but never actually tried out any products so hopefully I’ll pick some up this Halloween! I’m loving the sound of the Mallows! x
    Marina Rosie x


    1. I know, a shower is good if you’re in a rush but it’s definitely worth having a bath once in a while to relax yourself. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this post! The mallows are pretty good a little odd but still leave a very enjoyable nath


  5. I missed out on the hallowen items from Bomb Cosmetics and I was gutted! Especially because I had my eyes set on the Jack O Lantern bath bomb for a while! I love the design and I LOVE ginger. I am deffo going to be buying from Bombs xmas range! I did not know how to use a Mallow either so I am glad I read this post! x


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