Bomb Cosmetics Hawaiian Flower

Here we are, another post sharing my love for bath bombs, who could say no!? I take any opportunity to purchase bath bombs, at the moment, our collection is very full. You might just remember that I recently shared my thoughts on the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar from Bomb Cosmetics, leading to us having a grand total of 24 bath bombs. We’re not even halfway through all of these!

When I purchased the Advent Calendar, I actually received a free gift, the Hawaiian Flower Gift Pack. I was amazed to see it added to my basket, who doesn’t love a good freebie? This also meant I was getting more for my money than the 12 bath bombs in the Advent Calendar. This is one of the reasons I adore Bomb Cosmetics, their collections are impressive and you receive free goodies.

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The Hawaiian Flower Gift Pack contains one of each of the following:


Fantasy Island Bath Blaster

Hawaiian Flower Soap Slice

Fruit Squash Bath Mallow

Lemon Express Bath Mallow

Pearly King Bath Mallow

I have loved using all of these! I especially love the Fantasy Island Bath Blaster, it’s soo beautiful when it touches the water also the true tropical fruit scent is amazing. You can smell it through the packaging but more is released when it touches the water. This Bath Blaster had beautiful Goji Berries inside as well as Dried Pineapple and Orchid fragranced veggie bath pearls that decorate the top.

This Gift Pack is wrapped so beautifully, with a pretty bow and a gift box that you can view exactly what is inside. They’re laid on the beautiful shredded paper, you don’t have to worry about making these products look beautiful as Bomb Cosmetics have done it for you. This will make a perfect gift to any loved one, have a birthday coming up or even Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Bomb Cosmetics have an amazing range of not only Bath Blasters but Bath Mallows and Soaps, perfect addictions to your pamper evening. I swear they make a bath ten times better, they actually make me excited for the bath as they’re always so relaxing and calming. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, Bomb Cosmetics will have a collection to enjoy for any occasion.

Thank-you for reading. Have you tried anything from
Bomb Cosmetics? What’s your favourite?
 Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x


6 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Hawaiian Flower

  1. bomb cosmetics bath bombs are my fave right now, did a big order a while back and slowly making my way through them all, theyre so cheap yet still so good!


  2. I love Bomb Cosmetics so much, by far my favourite bath brand! I got the advent calendar and this gift set free too – I gave it to my mum and she absolutely loved and used it all within a week haha! It must’ve been nice, not that I’d ever doubt it wouldn’t be!
    Alice Xx


  3. Ahh, these are so cute! My friend got me a bath bomb for Christmas and now I really want to buy more. That packaging is really nice too! I’m definitely getting Hawaiian vibes from it!


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