Beauty Kitchen Hand & Body Lotions

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, a competition from Beauty Kitchen caught my eye. They were giving away their Hand & Body Lotions in three different scents, Chill Me, Inspire Me and Love Me. So I entered the competition and four days later, I find out I won the lotions.

I’ve only had them for a little while but I have already fallen in love with them.

So without further ado, let’s get started;

Chill Me | This lotion smells amazing, rosemary, shea butter and lavender make the perfect combination. My hands feel lovely and smooth afterwards, which is perfect when you have sensitive skin. Along with being designed for sensitive skin, it is also recommended for ageing skin. I can see where this lotion gets its name from.


Inspire Me | Now, I’m not exactly sure about this lotion, the smell is very strong, despite them describing it as a subtle scent. For me, it’s a bit too strong, I can’t place exactly what it smells like. I suppose it’s a combination of spearmint, lemongrass and orange sweet. I’m not hundred percent sure this is for me, but it does make your hands feel soft.


Love Me | Woow, I think the scents get more overpowering between them. This is quiet a strong smell, but still nice. Which is very good. Like the other two, it makes my hands soft and smelling amazing. This lotion is perfect, along with it being fast absorbing, which is a must when you’re a girl on the move.


I absolutely adore Beauty Kitchen, their ethos are perfect, with everything made 100% natural. On the three bottles, they speak about how at Beauty Kitchen they always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Which makes you feel even better when you buy their products.

I would love to say a massive thank-you to Beauty Kitchen for hosting these amazing competitions. I am in love with these lotions, so I will be making good use out of them. Let me know in the comments your favourite Beauty Kitchen product.



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