Back to School with Poundland

I adore this time of year, it’s always been my favourite, not because it’s getting colder thanks to Autumn just around the corner but Back to School! I left school in 2011 but each year I still get excited to see what’s about because I’m a massive stationery addict. My all time favourite stationery brand is Pukka Pad and two years ago, I reviewed a small selection of their products.

Pukka Pad can be an expensive brand, I seem to always purchase them when they’re on offer. I understand not everyone can afford brands like Pukka Pad, for Back to School this year I wanted to share brands that are good and colourful but at reasonable prices. That’s why when I came across a stationery range from Poundland, I knew this would be perfect to share with you.

Poundland are killing it at the moment with their stationery! Currently they have collections like Monochrome, Metallic, Fluffy and Pastels, included in these collections are a range of products from pens and pencils to notebooks and binders but also stationery sets and files. I’m pretty sure whatever you require for the new term, Poundland has it! And of course, it is all only a pound, perfect if you’re on a budget.

As I work full-time, I don’t require stationery for the new term but as a blogger, it’s great to have a range of products to help you be organised but note down your ideas. Now, let’s get started on what I picked up, first a packet of different coloured metallic pencils. I loved not only the colours but the quotes on the pencils from Dream Big, Make Today Amazing and Pencil Me In.


Next up two spiral notebooks, I love when geometric and marble is brought together! These notebooks are so pretty and remind me of my old Samsung phone case, I love this collaboration so these notebooks are perfect for me. Inside the notebooks are just normal lined paper, the quality if a little poor but what do you expect for £1! I am happy to use these, even if it’s just as blogging props.


I also picked up this small collection of A5 wallets, within a pack you receive four which is perfect for only a £1. I like using these for a range of things, such as storing important receipts and stickers so I don’t loose them! You can always seem to find A4 wallets but A5 seem to be quite hard to find, these I would say are really helpful. They’re the perfect size to put in your school bag and keep documents dry.


I truly love this range from Poundland, the colours and patterns are perfect. The quality might not be 100%, but for £1 you surely cannot go wrong? If you’re on a budget, I would recommend hitting your local Poundland and purchasing the full range to be ready for Back to School. As a massive stationery addict, I am happy for there to be another shop I can purchase my stationery items.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Where do you love purchasing your stationery
from? Let me know in the comments.


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10 thoughts on “Back to School with Poundland

  1. These are great. I used to love the back to school shop and as a stationery addict myself, love this time of year. I haven’t been to Poundland in a while but I’ll definitely be popping in for those A5 files – love the colour.


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