January Favourites

Can you believe it! January has been and gone, it’s now February! For the New Year, I thought I would introduce a new series, at the end of each month I am going to sum up what I’ve been loving. This may include some beauty items along with places and things I’ve been enjoying over the month.

Let’s begin with what I’ve been loving over January.

If you read my Christmas Presents Haul, you’ll know that my parents brought me Aussie Grit: My Formula One Journey, an autobiography from Mark Webber. I have been addicted to reading this, every spare moment I’ve had this book has been in my hands. I seemed to get sucked into his universe.

It’s amazing reading about what happened, along with his struggles while trying to fight for what he wanted, the dream Formula 1 seat. I loved Webber when he was in F1 but I never knew anything about his career before, so it’s lovely to hear about his life but from his perspective.


I have also been loving my Ultimate Blog Planner from Dot Creates this month, I picked one up after coming across it from a blogger on Twitter. I loved reading their review and felt it was the perfect Planner to help me be better organised with my blog. There’s so many handy features within the Planner, I especially love that there’s no dates.

You can start this Planner whenever you want throughout the year. There’s so many pages inside to jot down all your ideas for your posts, if your struggling you can write different points down to get you to the end goal. This Planner has helped me a lot this month and I can’t wait to continue using it!


I’ve been using the Tea Tree Skin Care range from The Body Shop for a little while now, but over the Winter months, I seem to have a lot more problems with my sensitive skin. That’s why I’ve added the Night Lotion to my bedtime routine, I’ve seen a massive difference, it’s lovely.


When I was growing up, I used to love writing letters, I think it’s because my dad was always away at sea and it was the only way to get in contact with him. So when Jordanne Lee aka Of a Glasgow Girl, said she’s created a Of a Glasgow Girl Snail Mail, I jumped at the opportunity!

This opportunity has meant I could buy Writing Sets, especially those adorable ones from Paperchase! Writing letters is really relaxing and the perfect way of getting to know someone, it’s such a personal way of speaking with someone. Another thing, I always love receiving mail that isn’t bills or something I brought!


January 12th marked mine and the partner’s four year anniversary, so of course we went on a romantic meal to The Mission in Plymouth. I never heard of this place before but it was recommended to us from a friend. Whenever we go for a meal, we always try a new place, I’m always on the search for a restaurant to try.

With it being a special occasion, I opted for a three course meal, I nearly didn’t have dessert after I ate way too much, oops. After looking at the dessert menu, I couldn’t help but chose the Vanilla Creme Brulee, like delicious! I’ve never had Creme Brulee so I fancied trying it and I wasn’t disappointed!

There we go, these things pretty much sum up my month, I wonder what February will bring! Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this month. I would love to know.



12 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. This is such a good favourites post! That planner is amazing, thank you so much for introducing me to it cause I think I’m going to need to get one of them in my life haha! Also how good is snail mail?! I’m addicted to the Paperchase writing sets, but I never have anyone to send them to haha!
    Beth x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! You need to, it’s really helpful in organising yourself with your blog! You don’t have to worry about starting it at the beginning of the year either. Snail mail is amazing, maybe you should join? Then you can write letters using amazing sets and get to know some more bloggers


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