Gracie Saunderson Bags Review

Recently I came across Gracie Saunderson on Twitter, she was on the search for bloggers to review her handmade makeup bags. Now I’ve reviewed a lot of blogger businesses on my blog, including The Birdhouse Calligraphy and Juniper Daze Designs, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Gracie. I love reviewing these businesses as I feel they don’t get enough credit as they should! They are just as amazing as big brands that we all know, so why not share the love.

Before we get to my review of the Azure makeup bag from Gracie, I thought I would speak a little bit about her. Gracie has always had a passion for makeup and beauty, in 2014 she went on a course to become a professional makeup artist. She is now qualified in Manicures, Pedicures, CND Nails and Eyebrow Tinting. It was in 2015 where she started her own business creating handmade makeup bags after she felt there was a gap in the market for practical yet pretty and affordable makeup bags.

Gracie Saunderson Logo
Gracie Saunderson Bags Credit: Gracie Saunderson

Since launching Gracie Saunderson Bags, she has expanded and creates a range of bags. Including Mini Bags for handbag essentials, Brush Bags to keep your dirty brushes separate from your makeup, Makeup Bags and also larger Cosmetic Bags. As well as a professional makeup artist, she has her own YouTube Channel, which has everything from beauty reviews, to exciting hauls and daily vlogs. Now let’s get onto her handmade bags! I was able to choose from the large range on her website.


I’m sure if you know me well, you won’t be surprised to see which one I chose! I chose Azure, which is a mid blue woven linen makeup bag, blue is my favourite colour so it was no surprise I would choose this one! Azure is available for £12.99, which is one of the most expensive makeup bags from Gracie, but with amazing quality, it is definitely worth it! It’s hard to believe this is handmade as nothing is out of place, it could be something that you bought from a high-street retailer. It is labelled as a makeup bag, but it could be used for anything.

I don’t use makeup so for me I’m using it for all my hair accessories, I’ve definitely got a lot of them. My other bag is currently overflowing, so it’s been a perfect time to get my hands on this bag. It could even be used for your jewellery and even as a wash bag if you are going away for a couple of days. With a wipeable lining on the inside, it is very easy to clean it, which is perfect if you are using it for your makeup and something leaks or leaves marks. This is really good as you can leave your bag clean, it doesn’t feel like a chore to clean it.


The bag is a very good size, it’s perfect for most of my hair products! Now I don’t know how much makeup it could hold but with it being quite big inside, I am more than positive you’ll be able to fit all your favourite makeup products. I’ve seen some makeup bags that are really small, I’ve always wondered if you could actually fit everything you need inside! When I received this parcel in the post, I was in love when I opened it up! Gracie has thought about everything, all the way down to the packaging. Instead of having it plain, she has wrapped it in spotty wrapping paper.

A white ribbon then goes around it to keep it in place, it actually felt like it was Christmas and opening a present on Christmas morning. To complete the present, it had a small present tag that says Gracie S, it’s soo sweet, I love the thought that has gone into it. Gracie has even included a little card that includes all of her social media platforms so you can share your makeup bag. It also counts as a little thank-you note for your order. I love it when businesses include these, as it’s another little feature, just shows how much they appreciate your order!


What I love about Gracie Saunderson Bags is the range of different styles and sizes, I feel there’s a pattern to suit anyone! With Christmas around the corner, I feel these would be a great present, especially for that makeup lover in your life. On the lines of Christmas, there is also currently two Christmas themed makeup bags, that just screams Christmas. One is a pretty stag design in red and white and the second is filled with cute Christmas patterns with Merry Christmas. This is something I love, being able to have festive themed items! It gets you into the Christmas spirit.

If this is something of interest, you should definitely head over to Gracie Saunderson Bags and see if there’s anything that you love! Maybe you could give some hints to your loved ones and add it to your Christmas Wishlist. I would love for you to go and share some love to Gracie, she’s such an amazing person and I’m loving what she’s doing! You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Gracie also kindly gave me a discount code, using Gemma25 can get you 25% off your order! One more reason to order from Gracie.

I would love to know your thoughts on Gracie Saunderson Bags, is this something your interested in? Let me know your favourite pattern down in the comments!


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*Azure was kindly sent to me for free by Gracie Saunderson, in return for an honest review, sharing/speaking about the product and promoting her business Gracie Saunderson Bags, for more information please see my About Page.


26 thoughts on “Gracie Saunderson Bags Review

  1. A wipeable lining is something I didn’t know I needed, but I definitely do?! The bag itself looks really big as well, which is definitely a positive for me because I always carry so much makeup around with me! Definitely off to have a little browse around her whole website.. 🙊

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  2. What a cute bag! I love the colour and it looks really strong and durable which is exactly what a girl needs if she has a lot of makeup (I’d definitely know…) I love the sound of the Christmas ones too, I change my makeup bag all the time as they often break or I get bored of them so I’m definitely going to have a snoop through her site, I love supporting smaller businesses and I hope to have my own eventually!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! It’s always good to support small businesses, I love it! Their products are always amazing and brilliant quality. That sounds like a perfect idea, I swear I’m always changing my things for the season


  3. It’s such a pretty makeup bag! I love how practical it is as well. Handmade stuff are always so much better. Small businesses for the win!
    Julia xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good on you for supporting a very worthy small business, Gemma! It’s great to see bloggers featuring smaller companies too! This year I’m trying to buy all of my Christmas cards from small businesses to try and help out my friends who sell on Etsy etc! These makeup bags seem well worth the price too – an entirely handmade product for less than £15 is incredible! The removable inside which you can wash is a fantastic idea for those who do decide to use their bags for makeup!

    Abbey ✨


  5. Such a cute little bag! I love the fact that it has a wipeable lining this is really needed as I always get makeup everywhere inside my makeup bags and it’s just so annoying to clean!xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the colour of this! I definitely need another makeup bag so I definitely need to consider hers! I’m already obsessed with the Noir one on her site :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

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