Introduction: Mål Paper*


I did mention I wanted to share more stationery orientated posts on An Ocean Glimmer and I’m doing just that! I am always so proud of my blog, even more so when companies reach out to me and that’s the reason behind today’s post. It’s an introduction post to Mål Paper, a stationery company that produces stylish and simplistic stationery that helps to be more productive by focusing our minds on the most important tasks.

Their range of products is the result of seeking a solution to solve the common problem of jumping from one task to the next, without prioritising them or even completing the previous task. They were tired of having countless ‘to-do’ lists on notepads, notebooks and journals that did nothing more than complicate goals and tasks further, to the point of feeling overwhelmed and uninspired to hold themselves accountable.

The co-founder of Mål Paper recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a copy of their first product, the Daily Goal Setter Planner to review. I jumped at this opportunity and said hell yes! They’re really excited about the launch, the planner is simple, stylish and effective to help prioritise tasks and promote daily gratitude and affirmation practice. It’s the perfect planner to make goals clearer and help to be more productive.

To be honest, after checking it out and receiving the planner, I am also really excited!


From the first moment of receiving the planner, I fell in love! I unwrapped this beautiful Faux Leather Hardback planner to unveil the name of the planner, Daily Goal Setter in beautiful gold writing. I love the simplest of the cover, it would be the perfect addition to your stationery collection, especially if you love a beautiful and simple style. Now let’s get into the inside of this planner.


Once you open the planner, you are greeted with an introduction to the planner and how to use it. There is a specific way to use the Daily Goal Setter to achieve greatness and more importantly, your end Goal because that’s the true Goal behind the planner. It has been designed to help identify your goals and structure your days. There are motivational quotes throughout the planner, for me these are a must! I love reading quotes, especially if I’m having a bad day.

Throughout the planner, there are different sections, first up overall Goal setting, there are two full pages for each of your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. Then you move onto your monthly tasks, the views are all undated, meaning you can start this planner whenever suitable for you. From here you move to your weekly tasks, refer back to your monthly tasks and goals list to think about what you could do this week to help complete a monthly task or one of your goals.


Thinking about it, this is what I do with my Monthly Goals each month! Creating little Goals to hopefully achieve my overall Goals for the year. Then last but no means least, daily tasks! It is important to start each day in a positive mindset. We are far more effective at completing tasks and tackling obstacles with a positive mindset rather than a negative one. On each daily page, there is a space to write down three things that you are grateful for.


And there is the Daily Goal Setter Planner!

I am struggling at the moment with work and personal life, but thanks to the Daily Goal Setter Planner I am feeling motivated. To not only achieve my Goals but think more positive about everything, also I love the feature to be able to write down an affirmation to repeat. An affirmation is a positive sentence that you repeat to yourself. I will use this to push myself through the day and achieve greatness.

There are also some other features of the Daily Goal Setter Planner that I’ve yet to mention, these include ribbon dividers and a document holder. The planner will last for six months with continuous use. Are you interested in learning how to set goals, become more productive and practice gratitude? Well, Mål Paper also has an easy to follow and more in-depth guide here!


With every sale of the Daily Goal Setter Planner, Mål Paper will donate £1 to YoungMinds, the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the mental health of children and young people. For Mål Paper they believe in giving back and helping their community where they can. They thought of no better way to do this by supporting YoungMinds. For more information head over here.

Make sure you check out Mål Paper if you want be more productive. You can keep up to date by following them on Facebook and Instagram, where they’ll keep you updated with inspiring quotes to keep you motivated and the latest news regarding their Daily Goal Setter Planner. You can preorder your planner here now for £20.95.

Thank-you for reading! What one goal would you like to achieve this month?

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you, Mål Paper, for kindly gifting me the Daily Goal Setter Planner, in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.


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