Monthly Favourites // January 2020

Goodbye January! Hello February!

January has felt like the longest month ever! I’m glad it’s now February, there are some exciting things happening this month. Before moving forward to February, now is a great time to review what I did in January with my Monthly Favourites. January was a quiet month but that’s a good thing, my diary for the next couple of months is looking busy!

It’s time to reflect on what happened in January.

Didcot Railway | January started with a trip to Didcot Railway for their Steam Day, this was actually our Anniversary trip, an early celebration. Thankfully it was a dry day and it actually wasn’t that busy, it was lovely to wander around and have lunch with Yasmine. I know this isn’t for everyone but for us, this is our relationship and we were happy which is the main thing.

The Works | To finish of our Anniversary celebrations, we had a sundae date at The Works. I forgot how much I love this place! Definitely very much worth it also every time I visit, I try something new. I am though running out of items on the menu to try! Hmm, I wonder what I’ll have next time? I’m not a massive fan of sundaes so that’s why I always go with the waffles/crepes.

Happy Anniversary | As mentioned above, Yasmine and I celebrated our 7 year Anniversary this month! It’s crazy how quick the time has gone, I swear we’re getting stronger and stronger. Also, I don’t know where I would be without her by my side, here’s to the next 7 years together.

Team Meeting | Every 6 months, we have a review of the company, where we review what’s happened and where we’re planning on going. After the two week Christmas break, we had our 2019 review and 2020 planning team meeting. The location, DoubleTree Hotel at MK Stadium, a perfect place and my second time visiting a football stadium! Also, I received the Geek Award.

Campsite Search | January officially marked one whole year since joining the Scout Association, I cannot believe it’s been one year since writing about this moment in my Favourites. Our Group Camp is just around the corner so it was time to decide what campsite we visit, we went on a trip to two different local campsites to decide where we would go. Our mission was a success and we will be going Youlbury in June.

DC Titans | I love a good binge-watch, it’s no surprise if you’ve read my Current Netflix Top Picks. This month I have been loving the second season of DC Titans. I was unsure about this series at first but I pushed past and now I’m in love! Then I binge-watched the whole of the second season, I was so upset when the season finished.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation | I’ve been struggling with my confidence and my skin recently so this month I took the courage to wear makeup. I’ve never really been one for makeup but I had to do it. I started from the bottom and after a recommendation, I’ve fallen in love with the L’Oréal True Match Foundation, it leaves me with perfect and all-day coverage. I feel so much confident now.

I hope you have enjoyed this Favourites post! It’s always crazy how much you do over the course of a month. I love looking at my Instagram to help me reflect on the previous month. As mentioned above, January has been such a long month, it’s been nice to get back into a routine but at the same time, I feel like January has been forever. Onwards to February let’s see what the month brings.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is one of your Favourites from January?

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Love Gemma x


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