The Body Shop VIP Evening

If you read my Monthly Favourites // May 2018, you’ll know that I went to The Body Shop for their Blogger VIP Event. As an avid Body Shop fan, I was pretty excited when I received an email in my inbox with the words ‘VIP Blogger Event’ in the title. I attended the private event at my local Body Shop in Oxford City Centre at their Westgate store.

Even though I live 45minutes down the road, this is only the second time I’ve been to Oxford! I love the design The Body Shop are now taking with all their stores, making them a lot fresher and exciting. Pretty much-bringing nature and what the company is all into their store. I was really excited to attend this event as it would officially be my first Blogger Event!

A good reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing recently on An Ocean Glimmer. The event was organised to celebrate the launch of their newest additions – Body Yogurts and Face Mists. Two products I have been wanting to try since their release! I’ve very glad these products were the main stars as it’s great trying new products.

Upon arrival, we were checked in by making sure we were on the guest list! Once we were ticked off, we receive a very groovy name badge, thanks to the store having the ‘Personalise Your Body Butter‘ area. Peach is one of my favourite scents in their Body Butter, so I chose this one. Especially with it having the phrase ‘You’re Such A Peach’.


We were able to chat one-on-one with the consultants, they all specialised in one particular area of the store, if we had any questions, we knew who to turn. It was easy to speak with them as they were so friendly and wanted to help us out. I lost count on how many products I tried for the first time! It was the perfect opportunity to try products that you’ve been eying for a while.

The demonstrations were most definitely my favourite part of the evening, with the first product being the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, which is the perfect product that exfoliates and gently peels off impurities from your skin and lifting dead skin cells. The Liquid Peel left my hand very soft as well as seeing the effects there and then!

With continued use, I can really see this product brightening your skin as well as making it look younger. I could not attend this event without trying their brand new Body Yogurts! Since coming across them, I’ve wanted to try them and thankfully this was the main product at this evening. The whole range was available to try.


I instantly went towards Mango as that’s another one of my favourite scents, the Body Butter is a very strong scent, meaning the scent would linger around you for what feels like forever. With the Body Yogurts though the scent is there but not as strong! Meaning you aren’t a walking Mango all day long, also with it being a lightweight formula, it absorbs instantly.

I obviously didn’t leave empty-handed, I received a goodie bag with some amazing goodies inside! I don’t want to go into too much depth here because I want to save that for a little haul post after I’ve tried the products. To be able to give you a true review on them, not only did I receive samples of their products but also full-size ones!

I was so happy to see these in the goodie bag, sometimes you can’t tell if you do love a product just from a sample as these are too small to use again. Soon I will share my thoughts on all of these products, so definitely look out for that post on An Ocean Glimmer. I also couldn’t leave without purchasing a Body Yogurt!

I had to pick up the Mango Body Yogurt as I loved the texture and scent when I tried it earlier in the evening. Also, I picked up one of their Face Mists, I fell in love with these nature-inspired formulas for a hit of hydration. Of course, with five different scents, it was hard to choose the correct one. The one that stood out to me was Coco Calming, especially with it designed for dry, sensitive skin.


One last thing before signing out, I wanted to say how lovely it was to meet Andi from And Then Zen. Since moving to Aylesbury, I’ve only met Samantha in Birmingham, but since I’m in such a good location I should have met all kinds of bloggers by now! When I heard Andi was going, I knew my first Blogger Event wouldn’t be as scary as I thought with her there.

We got along soo well and it was lovely to finally meet her! Especially after speaking with her for so long and following her blog. Hopefully, she enjoyed the evening just as much as I did. We were also offered snacks from Wagamama, somewhere I’ve never been before! Even though I’ve wanted to go for so long but oh my, their food was to die for and made me want to visit for a whole meal asap.

Also, we were treated to an amazing 30% off all products we purchased on the night! How cool eh, the perks get better and better. Meaning it didn’t feel as bad purchasing the products as I was saving money and I could collect points on my Love Your Body™ Club card. Leading to me receiving my £5 gift card to use on my next order.

I thought I would share all my images with you below! I hope you enjoy them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your favourite products?


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6 thoughts on “The Body Shop VIP Evening

  1. It looks and sounds like you had an incredible time! I’m so jealous, The Body Shop are one of my favourite brands. I’ve tried the Vitamin C liquid peel and I love it- it leaves my skin glowing. Can’t wait to try the face mists and the body yogurts either- everyone is raving about them!
    Rachel |


    1. Yes I did thank youu! Perfect night, they are definitely a top brand. Oohh the peel sounds interesting I’ve yet to try anything like that. The Body Yogurt is definitely a must!


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