12 Days of Blogmas #6 // Christmas Spirit

I hope December is treating you well. For today’s post I wanted to talk about Christmas Spirit, those two words mean a lot to different people, I wanted to share what they mean to me. I don’t get into the spirit until 1st December, this might be shocking to a few. How can someone choose when to get into the spirit? I hear you ask. I have always had this rule, the decorations do not appear until on or after 1st December.

With a birthday at the end of November, I like to have a bit of breathing space after celebrating and enjoying to then get excited for Christmas. I know some people who start a week before December, shops are even selling cards and decorations as early as October! I much prefer to have 24 days of extreme Christmas spirit than have nearly a month and a half of watered down Christmas spirit.

Christmas isn’t just about Christmas Day, it’s about the build-up to it too, sometimes that can be more exciting than the day itself! I adore how everything looks and it’s such a magical time of year. When I lived in Plymouth, there were certain places I visited and things I did each Christmas. Moving to Aylesbury, I am still creating myself some traditions.

A quiet weekend is good to have once in a while but for me, I adore going out and seeing the sights. Here are some ways I am getting into the Christmas Spirit this year.

Waddesdon Manor – Christmas Carnival | I have been wanting to visit Waddesdon Manor since moving to Aylesbury, it’s only down the road and it’s such a beautiful National Trust place. When I saw they were hosting a Christmas Market and Carnival this December, I just had to visit! It was such a magical time, with all the log cabins and pretty fairy lights. I didn’t realise how big the Manor and grounds were, it was great walking around.

Oxford – Christmas Market | You cannot have a Christmas without visiting a Market, I love them especially with all the log cabins and the smell, it’s all amazing. I get this lovely festive feeling inside of me. A Christmas Market is one thing I have missed since moving from Plymouth, we used to have a great one with Roasted Nuts and German Bratwurst.

Unfortunately, Aylesbury doesn’t have one but with a quick Google, I came across the Market in Oxford. It was such a magical time with carol singing, Bratwursts and log cabins with gifts for everyone. It was finished off with a giant Christmas tree in the middle, all it needed was snow and it would be the perfect Christmas setting.

I was able to hold myself back and not purchase anything, all my Christmas presents have been brought and all ready to be wrapped. I couldn’t resist with a Christmas Kiss though! I had to pick up one for myself and Yasmine, it’s always the food that really sells the Market for me.

Christmas Movies | There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa and putting on a classic Christmas movie. I have been binge watching a lot of movies recently, not sure if I’ve got any Christmas ones that I haven’t watched! I have some favourites that I have to watch every year, it wouldn’t be December without watching them. I recently shared my top six favourite films, can you guess what was on my list?


Decorating for Christmas | Every year, the first weekend of December I get out the Christmas decoration box and start decorating! I cannot wait until I have my own home, I know our first Christmas is going to be magical. It’s going to be exciting decorating my own house. The tree is the statement of any home and features special decorations, ours includes a Nutcracker, Polar Bear and a Reindeer.

A wreath is a perfect addition to your door, there’s such a variety and showcases your style. Decorating the house is a family moment, it brings everyone together to create the perfect house for Christmas. It’s definitely a great way to get into the spirit, all the festiveness is around you, also crank out those festive songs to probably get in the mood.


Welcome, Elf on the Shelf |I sometimes miss being a child at Christmas, it’s such a magical time as a kid. Now as an adult, I have to find new ways for it to be magical. Elf on the Shelf is a 2005 children’s picture book, featuring an elf who visits children from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, after which they return to the North Pole until the next holiday season.

I have adored setting up Elf in different scenarios around the house, I’m slowly getting creative with them! I’m trying to share a photo each day, it’s going well so far, I haven’t searched for ideas on the internet just yet. I am starting to run out though so I might just have to soon. I’m sharing my Elf on the Shelf over on Instagram, follow me to stay up to date.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is your favourite thing to
get into the Christmas Spirit?


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